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Growing wealth through integrity

Multi-disciplinary wealth management services with cutting-edge expertise and old-fashioned values

Wealth management for wealthy individuals, athletes and pension funds.

Investment funds from collective to private label fund including fund administration in different jurisdictions.

Estate planning, Trust, Relocation, Real Estate and IT Solutions

Corporate, Trusteeship, Compliance, Back Office and Fiduciary Services.

Our Group at a glance

Local knowledge is power

Local knowledge and experience is invaluable. To support our clients and their needs, we have 11 strategically located offices in global financial centres

The wisdom of time

Established in the 1980s as an independent asset manager, we've been around and have the advantage of wisdom that only time can bring

Top team talent

We have a global team of more than 200 qualified and highly experienced experts, dedicated to providing bespoke advice and services to our clients

through consultancy

Experienced advice on wealth management, legal and tax affairs, business management, corporate finance, accounting and consolidation

Technonlogy harnessed

We've developed our own IT infrastructure,  software, and specialised instruments

for the specific needs of our clients

Wealth management
at our

Established in the 1984, PLEION and PROBUS form one of the most respected independent wealth management groups in Switzerland.

Both companies have developed complementary skills, built on four decades of experience in wealth management.


With this joining of forces and the support of a strong team, the new group’s clients will benefit from a proven, efficient and comprehensive spectrum of investment solutions, on a global scale.

In line with the stringent international financial services regulations, we are duly authorised to act as wealth managers and investment advisers for our clients in the jurisdictions where we operate.

Brands within our group


Other Services

In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering. 

Specialised entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate wealth management and corporate services with legal and tax advice, as well as IT and real estate. Our aim is to provide services tailored to our clients’ requirements, and allow them to discover new investment and business opportunities, with the overall objective of helping them grow and thrive.



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