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Distribution of Financial Products

Specialist expertise in smooth, efficient and compliant financial product distribution.


The distribution of financial products can require complex paperwork and legal know-how. Let our distribution specialists "take the bricks out of the briefcase".

Companies providing financial products operate within an evolving legal environment, which aim to promote the adoption of international best practices. To ensure their products are compliant with all legal requirements, issuers can commend their distribution to specialists.​


We distribute selected investments, funds and financial products on a global scale, principally in Europe, but excluding all restricted markets. Our clients include investment advisors, fund managers and issuers of financial products.​

As an independent company, we carefully examine the documentation provided by issuers of financial products and fund managers, which pass through our Product Acceptance Committee.

The aim is to ensure their products are compliant, relevant and suitable for the end clients they are destined to.​


We value a culture of collaboration and transparent communication with both issuers and end users of financial products. This is why we clearly notify potential users about the risks and projections of each product approved by our committee when presenting them.


We remain abreast of all applicable rules and regulations of the country where the financial products are distributed. Through our expertise and international network of partners, we are well positioned to bring to market, solutions proposed by fund managers and issuers of financial products.

Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.


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Other services

In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering. 

Specialised entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate wealth management and corporate services with legal and tax advice, as well as IT and real estate.


Our aim is to provide services tailored to our clients’ requirements, and allow them to discover new investment and business opportunities, with the overall objective of helping them grow and thrive.

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