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Pension & Retirement 

Bespoke and sustainable solutions for your next phase of life. It's time for your wealth to do the hard work.


Through our long-standing experience in the pension industry, we bring pension solutions, support and guidance to companies and employees, enabling them to develop their scheme in line with their risk appetite, and to achieve their desired standard of living.

It remains crucial to optimise your pension solutions, especially due to the inverse relationship between rates of return and life expectancy.


In Switzerland, the retirement and pension system follow the ‘three pillars’ model which, together, are complementary and offer an appropriate cover for the financial needs of the insured at the time of retirement. With extensive experience in wealth management, we develop bespoke and structured management solutions for your pension assets.

For institutional investors, our proprietary management tool, TopInvest, was specifically developed to allow us to monitor and manage the portfolio of large pension funds.


We also accompany entrepreneurs and independent workers who have invested their savings in their business and have not planned for their retirement.

Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials: much to live on and much to live for.


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Other services

In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering. 

Specialised entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate wealth management and corporate services with legal and tax advice, as well as IT and real estate.


Our aim is to provide services tailored to our clients’ requirements and allow them to discover new investment and business opportunities, with the overall objective of helping them grow and thrive.

Pension & Retirement

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