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Probus Pleion
Middle East Limited

Based in the DIFC since 2012, our firm provides tailored investment strategies to HNWI and institutions.


Combining many years of expertise in wealth management, our objective is to provide you with tailor-made solutions and accompany you throughout your personalised project.

To accept a mandate to manage assets on behalf of a client is a privilege and inspires so much more in us than simply providing a service. We never forget whose assets these are and how hard our clients have worked to achieve their success. 


Many other organisations will want to benefit for themselves from such success. A strong and independent partner like Probus Pleion can help guard against this and provide a client with the comfort and confidence that comes from having a trusted advisor by their side.

This independent approach, free from any conflict of interest or ties to other establishments, allows us to truly act in the best interests of our clients, away from the sales driven, product pushing, institutional approach of certain organisations. 

In seeking to help optimise returns we are able to open up a wider range of investment opportunities suitable for the clients’ circumstances and advise impartially with the benefit of fully understanding their needs and those of their loved ones that only comes from a strong and enduring client relationship.

For Probus Pleion a client is never simply an account, but a personal relationship in which we are entrusted to tailor an investment strategy to help meet their requirements and ultimately achieve their future plans. Our active approach allows us to adapt as our clients’ family and business circumstances change. ​​

We understand the need to balance the risks in their lives with providing a secure home for their financial assets that allows them the peace of mind and time to concentrate on the people and pastimes most important to them.

Our independence is the key to successfully meeting our client needs. Why rely upon one bank when, in addition to our own in-house research, our relations with leading global banks and other investment house allows us to provide a wider range of information, ideas and expertise to our clients in order to position their portfolios appropriately. ​


By working with a number of banks across many jurisdictions we are able to find our clients a secure custodian for their assets that allows us to manage client portfolios in accordance with their requirements. This will typically be based upon attitude to risk, return expectations, time horizon and any fiscal constraints.​

Client portfolios are continually monitored and reviewed in the context of investment performance, alongside wider economic and political developments, to ensure they remain appropriate to meet objectives. We provide regular feedback in this regard along with proposals on the asset allocation and underlying investments.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


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In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering

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