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Wealth Supervision

A holistic approach to managing your wealth.


We understand that wealth management extends beyond bankable assets. Our internally developed IT system encompasses the complete asset landscape of our clients.

By offering a snapshot of both bankable and non-bankable assets, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of your wealth.
This global approach provides us with the ability to assist you in the supervision of your overall financial situation, allowing for efficient adjustments to your asset allocation.

Multi-Custodian Consolidation

Analysis of the securities portfolio of
multiple custodian banks across different jurisdictions.

Modular and customisable value-files

Since wealth situations differ, we are able to define in a targeted and personalised manner the allocation of various investments in asset classes corresponding to your objectives and wishes.

Personsalised reporting

We provide customised reporting, including non-bank assets for instance, tailored to the most specific needs of UHNWI clients.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


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Other services

In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering

Wealth Supervision

Specialised entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate wealth management and corporate services with legal and tax advice, as well as IT and real estate.


Our aim is to provide services tailored to our clients’ requirements, and allow them to discover new investment and business opportunities, with the overall objective of helping them grow and thrive.

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