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For High-Net Worth individuals, athletes and pension funds.


Our philosophy combines financial planning and investment management; a holistic approach to looking after you while overseeing the management of your assets.

Our active management and conviction-based approach form an integral part of our DNA as we aim to provide an independent perspective for sustainable investment performance.


Understanding your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance are the founding principles of our relationship, enabling us to propose to you a bespoke investment strategy. We then build your portfolio based on your requirements, risk appetite and timeline, and put your strategy into action through our advisory or discretionary mandates.

Our advisory mandate is best suited for clients who have prior knowledge of, and who follow, financial markets, regularly. We advise you on the different asset allocation, but the decision-making power remains in your hands, all the time.


Our discretionary (managed portfolios) mandate is ideal for clients who would prefer their portfolio to be managed by our qualified and experienced finance professionals. Together with you, we build the asset allocation and manage your portfolio to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Wealth Supervision

global vision and accurate understanding of our clients’ wealth position is essential for us to provide integrated and bespoke supervision and consolidation services to our Ultra-High-Net-Worth, Family Office and Institutional clients.

Our holistic approach allows us to have a clear view of your wealth position in terms of investments in bankable and non-bankable assets and securities. To do so, we monitor and analyse the securities portfolio of multiple custodian banks across different jurisdictions

Since your wealth situation is unique and would never compare to your peers, our approach allows us to define the allocation of various investments in asset classes consistent with your return objectives, wishes, risk appetite, as well as reporting requirements.

Wealth Planning & Structuring

We know that every client is unique, that every family is different, and that financial objectives change as well as the risks associated to it. Nevertheless, protecting and optimising your wealth remain our main objective.

It all starts with an in-depth understanding of your situation and your objectives. Together, we will work to find a solution that is suitable and relevant to your situation, and will accompany you through the implementation of your strategy.


For private clients, the use of trusts, foundations and private investment companies and funds are often in the forefront of their estate planning and wealth structuring needs.

In collaboration with your professional advisers, we guide you through all aspects relating to the establishment, administration, and fulfilment of private, charitable or commercial trusts, foundations and corporate structures.

​Furthermore, as part of our global approach to wealth planning and structuring, our team can advise you on the benefits of relocating to preferential jurisdictions and accompany you in establishing your new residency.

We have the expertise to accompany you throughout this crucial step. Whether you are an expatriate, investor, businessperson, or a retiree, we will organise everything for you, turning your personal relocation into a stress-free process for you and your family.

We offer a wide range of services, intended to be time-saving and to make your life easier, including assisting with finding and maintaining a property, application and renewal of occupation or residence permits for you and your family, dealing with local authorities and other bespoke private services.

Pension & Retirement

Through our long-standing experience in the pension industry, we bring pension solutions, support and guidance to companies and employees, enabling them to develop their scheme in line with their risk appetite, and to achieve their desired standard of living.

It remains crucial to optimise your pension solutions, especially due to the inverse relationship between rates of return and life expectancy.


In Switzerland, the retirement and pension system follow the ‘three pillars’ model which, together, are complementary and offer an appropriate cover for the financial needs of the insured at the time of retirement. With extensive experience in wealth management, we develop bespoke and structured management solutions for your pension assets.

In Mauritius, we provide access to bespoke pension and retirement solutions suited to your organisation’s goals and objectives. To achieve our aim of providing efficient pension benefits and optimising the costs for both employers and members, we work in partnership with reliable and trusted services providers.


For institutional investors, our proprietary management tool, TopInvest, was specifically developed to allow us to monitor and manage large pension funds. We also accompany entrepreneurs and independent workers who have invested their savings in their business and have not planned for their retirement.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


Athletes Wealth Advisory

Athletes have very special needs in the areas of wealth management and financial planning, considering their relatively short careers as active professionals. Our dedicated team of specialists provides bespoke and sustainable financial solutions for you.

We implement successful wealth management strategies, designed to meet your objectives as a professional athlete, and to unlock the full potential of your wealth for the best possible impact in all areas of your life.​


Athletes often lack expertise, interest and time - three key components of a professional investment strategy. This is where our experts come in. We provide you with guidance on how to preserve your wealth today and for the next generation.

Our Athletes Wealth Advisory services include the analysis and optimisation of existing investments and identification of new investment opportunities. It provides you with access to premium platforms and financial solutions across banks and borders.


Financial education is part of the process, as we want to ensure you understand what you are investing in. We also provide support in a number of related services through trusted partners from our network.

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Other services

In addition to our core activity of wealth management, we have diversified our competencies and offering. 

Specialised entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate wealth management and corporate services with legal and tax advice, as well as IT and real estate.


Our aim is to provide services tailored to our clients’ requirements, and allow them to discover new investment and business opportunities, with the overall objective of helping them grow and thrive.

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