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Corporate Services

Customised advisory, corporate and business services to help you maximise the value of your business.


We understand that each client is unique. Good management is never a "standard solution".

Our services are tailor-made to your specific objectives, your particular challenges and your inherent leadership style.

We enhance the Enterprise Value and the Investor Value of our clients through the use of International Financial Centres (IFCs) and business hubs, leveraging the benefits of conducting business from these IFCs.


Our core expertise lies in the structuring and administration of cross-border assets, investments and transactions in developing markets. We offer a comprehensive range of services covering the setting up and administration of company structures, corporate redomiciliation, back-office services, as well as finance, accounting and economic substance.

We cater to the needs of multinational corporations, listed and private companies, private equity funds, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Development Finance Institutions, institutional investors, fund managers, Collective Investment Schemes and trading companies.

In addition to our offices in Switzerland, Dubai and Mauritius, we also provide services in many other financial centres through our international network of partners.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.


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